Molovee Kitchen Scissors,Heavy Duty Poultry Shears ,Sharp Utility Multipurpose Cooking Shear,Stainless Cutting Food Chicken Bone Spring Loaded Easy Handle




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Complete All your Kitchen and Home Cutting Tasks with Versatile Poultry Shears
The all-purpose Poultry Kitchen Shears are a fantastic choice for commercial kitchens or home cooking use.
Whether you are a professional chef or a home cooking enthusiast, this Kitchen Shears is a great investment.
Being primarily designed for poultry like chicken or turkey, to snip through thick skin, glide through meat and cut through bone

Why Different from Other Kitchen Shears?
Handle safety lock
Great value for money
Can cut through bone
Blade notch securely holds bones
Professional design and performance
Can also be used for turkey, meat and fish
Comfortable spring-loaded black plastic handle
Strong, sharp and durable stainless-steel blades
Curved and tapered blades access hard-to-reach places
Specifically designed for cutting and trimming poultry

Package Includes:
1 x Poultry Kitchen Scissors with Color Box

Warm Tips:
1.The kitchen scissors cannot be separated.
2.Please wipe the blade with a clean dry cloth after using to keep sharp blade.
▼A Must Have Culinary Tools – This poultry kitchen scissors is perfect for any professional chef or home cook. These amazing heavy-duty kitchen scissors can be used with steak, pork, fish, seafood, vegetables, and herbs. You can even use poultry shears for other tasks around your home like cutting up cardboard, hard plastic or trim flowers in your garden.A quality pair of poultry shears is a great investment in your kitchen.
▼Sharp Blade for Easy Cutting Tasks – This Poultry shears that have curved blades, one straight and one curved, cut and snip easily through a whole chicken and maintain a good firm cutting edge in slippery meat.The stainless steel blades are strong, durable, and sharp and cut effectively through poultry meat and bones, steak, fish, and vegetables. These sharp heavy duty shears is designed for hard work and will last for a lifetime of effortless poultry or seafood preparation tasks.
▼Your Own Ergonomic & No Fatigue Handles – The Handles are comfortable to hold, with easy-gripping surfaces to minimize hand fatigue. Compared with other scissors in the market, the most special thing about this is that the handle is not restrained. It is a relief for Americans with larger hands. You can use the scissors free without any discomfort in your hands.
▼What Different from Other Shears – A lock that holds the blades safely closed in the kitchen drawer. A tightening mechanism, such as a bolt, can help keep the blades closely aligned throughout the cutting process. A bone notch on one blade helps with gripping poultry bones. These shears have a pivot point that gives the tool extra strength to cut through thick meat and bones. Very upset for the heavy duty cutting jobs? You need one or two to solve your problem!
▼You Deserve to Own – Cut Food Effortlessly Or Your Money Back! In the unlikely case that our multipurpose kitchen scissors fail to cut your food, you can return them back. We welcome you inform us through Amazon before return the item if any quality problem.We promise all the shears are totally new for sure.

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